Keep Art Alive :: “Madness Returns” :: Art by Cate Rangel

Do you think of me ,
like I dream of you? 
Do you wish you were here, 
like I wish I was with you?”

She thinks that he thinks she has stopped thinking about him. The words exchanged had taken the nearest exit, their rapid winged flight slowed and stopped, wings clipped, silence screaming between them. She had made choices that caused movements away, and he had dug his heels in, staying solidly in place, becoming the immovable object of the two of them. They never said goodbye, not even a wave, they just faded, the echoes becoming  nothing, vacant boxes that once overflowed with letters and questions and music turned into empty and gone.

Did he forget her? She knows she never forgot about him. Her blood is still staining her hands, the spot on her…

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