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I was at a BBQ this past weekend in Kigali, Rwanda, and had a conversation with a man who had lived across a few different continents throughout his life. This isn’t so unusual in Kigali, a developing country that attracts ex-pats across a slew of NGOs, development agencies, investment companies, and recruited government workers. But it is always interesting to know who is from where, or rather from how many wheres. Learning accents, customs, cultural differences is never something someone gets tired of.

I asked him, “So where do you consider home?”

He had a bit of trouble coming up with a single place, and said, “I guess you can call me stateless.”

And I realized there are countless wanderers who are “stateless.” A myriad of travelers who have never stayed in one place too long, maybe a few years maximum, and that is usually enabled by the diverse…

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