A promising story. And its only chapter 2 🙂


A loud thud. It sounded more like a clank. Large metals clanking into one another. I got up and ran to the door only to witness confusion like never before within the quarters. I ran out from my cubicle, out into the corridor.

‘Maya, hurry.’

I heard someone call out to me from behind. I turned around to see Mikel catching two large bags and run past me. He turned around while running and yelled, ‘its not a drill, run.’

So I did what Mikel said. I always did what Mikel said. Mikel was my salvation when my childhood threatened to choke the life out of me. Mikel was that small smile that got me through the day. By the time I ran to my room to pack only necessities, Mikel was already back. He was talking to someone on the walkie-talkie while I was busy rummaging into my belongings…

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